Why Wippn?

Traditional: Potential Savings
- You research and haggle with dealerships.
- Drive away wondering if you got a good deal.

Online Dealer: Convenience
- Buy online & get it delivered or pick up from the vending machine.
- Pay full price because they don't negotiate.

Wippn: Convenience + Savings
- Stay home while the Agent negotiates on your behalf.
- No haggling + money saved off sticker price.
- Pick up or ask for delivery.

Never settle between convenience or savings.
With Wippn, you can have both!

What does it cost?

- Agent Fee: $10 per $100 saved from sticker price (10% savings).
- Wippn Fee: $50

Can I try for Free?


- You don’t pay the agent unless you like the deal they negotiated.
- You have nothing to lose.

Who are Car Agents?

-  Individuals with experience negotiating for car deals
-  Some have experience in the automotive industry in sales or finance departments.

What if I don't like the deal?

-  Ask the Agent to find you a better deal or just cancel.
-  You don’t pay for Agent’s work unless you like the deal.

What does "deal" mean?

- The vehicle you want at a price the Agent negotiated for.